Then there was Dawn

Darkness… and a million stars off the side of my terrace
Blink, stretch, watch down.
Ocean laps at the sand, gently kissing them to wake…
Horizon undefined.
A mist creeps… wafting and blowing onto shore
Heavy, light, heavy again…
Makes the beach
Headlights, humming and whirl of the combs.
And YOU…fading to stand before me.
Your hand caresses my face, “Dear one,” another warm breath – the Breeze!
Our lips meet.
The first audible roar of Ocean’s wave.
Wrong? Shared love between two lost souls?
Right? Offering that which no other desires –
…if only in dream… recesses of the mind…
A sparkle in your eyes, yet tears in mine.
Black fades to midnight blue…
Stars flicker… stretch… yawn…and blink gone.
Mist withdraws as tide ebbs… and you…follow.
Fading… fainter… your kiss on my cheek, warm breath
Fainter…”I love you” cries out in my head, ringing in my ears…
Subsiding only to my pounding, yearning heart.
Fading…final glance and gone…
While the sun casts sleepy eyes over the horizon.

(c) syeprice 9/13/08


Author: fantesyee

Writer, Journalist, Screenwriter who loves the World of Fantasy! And Dogs, and children and I used to love coffee but now it's all Decaf. I like Tea but a cold beer on a hot day goes down easy (if you know what I mean.) I write. It's what I do. So if you like to read that's great! I'm a soon to be Best Selling Author! While I may not have a published book ATM, I have lots of friends who do. So... Hit me up!

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